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Financing your projects and technology needs can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you’re locked into the inflexibility of cash purchases, a bank loan or standard leasing programs. The leasing options from Peak Technologies Capital offer a new, flexible approach to technology financing. Our unique program is an industry-leading way to pay for your technology project and give you control over your lease terms.

Peak Technologies Capital Leasing

The Peak Technologies Capital Program provides leasing solutions for all of your technology systems integration needs, including: hard costs, soft costs, personnel, equipment, software, installation, service, and support programs. We can even offer existing system buy-out and lease-back options to qualified clients. Our program is so flexible that you can make adjustments, upgrades or changes at any time without a major change to your monthly lease payment. This approach offers many advantages over other financing methods, such as a loan. Our lease terms are extremely flexible, offering 36, 44, 48 or 60-month leases depending on your needs.

How the Peak Technologies Capital program can help you pay for your next technology project:

  • System life cycle management. Peak Technologies Capital can eliminate or reduce equipment disposal issues while allowing scheduled upgrades or replacements.
  • One payment. All system and support functions can be consolidated into one, easy, regular payment.
  • Minimal initial outlay. Typically no deposit is required. Regular payments are made throughout the life of the agreement.
  • Fixed payment. To ensure simple, planned budgeting, payments made throughout the lease period are not affected by interest rates and avoid the impact of inflation.
  • Reduce tax bills. All lease payments in any year can be fully offset against taxable profits for that year.
  • Preserve working capital. Save valuable credit lines such as bank loans, other finance sources and capital resources that are usually best devoted to business development and operational needs.
  • Increase purchasing power. You may be able to improve the scope of the total package you can afford by scheduling leasing payments.
  • Flexibility for technology refresh. Any additions and enhancements you make to the system or its support during the leasing period can be factored in throughout the life of the agreement.

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