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FlowTrac WMS

Warehouse Management System
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Scan, Track. Fast. Accurate. Proven.

FlowTrac helps you use Barcode and RFID technology to provide better, faster, and more accurate tracking – working with most hardware you already have in place.

Control. Monitor. View. Improve. Repeat.

FlowTrac has many features to track your inventory, assets, labor and processes efficiently using the right software and hardware. Customization can be done for your unique situation.

What Is FlowTrac?

FlowTrac is a cloud-based, on-premise, mobile warehouse management system (WMS) which provides your business with a way to manage and track any kind of inventory, any time, anywhere.

Your Data.

FlowTrac works with all shapes and sizes of organizations, with the priority of protecting your sensitive information. FlowTrac will install on your In-House Server, or install on Your Cloud instance, or even Host the Server for You on AWS.

Your Solution.

Do not be satisfied with "Work-Arounds". FlowTrac's packages can be Customized or modified to solve your unique problem. Developers are available in-office at FlowTrac to make sure your get the EXACT solution you require.

Your Environment.

FlowTrac's extensive Mobile Platform allows your staff to Barcode Scan, Capture Signatures, Log GPS, or Snap Pictures, whether you are Cellular, Wi-Fi, or Offline in remote areas. Data is synchronized when back Online.

Your Software.

Integrations are available for a wide variety of CRM, Accounting, E-Commerce, and other Desktop or Web-Based software. We also have Device integrations for Scanners, Scales, Monitors, TV's, Camera's and other hardware.

FlowTrac Features

Asset Tracking

  • Check In and Out
  • Service Orders Schedule
  • Return Date Alerts
  • Detail Activity Log
  • Integrate GPS Device

Warehouse Management

  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Bin Locations
  • Directed Put-Up
  • Directed Pick
  • Quantity, Lot, or Serialize

Work In Process

  • Bill of Material
  • WorkCenter Movement
  • Labor Process
  • Start/Stop Times
  • Cost of Labor

Inventory Control

  • Quantity, Lot, Serial
  • Min-Max Quantity
  • Pick Orders
  • Receive Orders
  • Kits

Load and Delivery

  • Scan Load Items
  • Package-Pallet ID
  • Verify Delivery
  • Capture Signature
  • Barcode 1D/2D or RFID


  • Freight Integration
  • Accounting Integration
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Device Integration
  • Specialized Programming


FlowTrac provides every buyer with a dedicated account manager who specializes in programming FlowTrac inventory control solutions. They will help you transfer information from your old inventory control software and provide advice on best practices, setup and customization options for your inventory software. Finally, they will continue to work with you in the future, guaranteeing that your inventory control provider will know what is important to your company.

Industries Served

Small and medium businesses, as well as large enterprises and non-profit organizations from all over the world.

Devices Supported

Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, web-based


Language Support



Cloud hosted, on-premise, mobile

Pricing Model

Quote Based