UniStore Cabinets

Mobile Device Storage Cabinets – Devices At Your Fingertips

A UniStore cabinet can cost as little as a single mobile device to purchase.

The UniStore Cabinet is a "communication central" storage cabinet which offers charging, storage, and communication for mobile devices.

A perfect all-in-one solution, the UniStore Standard Cabinet can charge 20/25 or 40/50 devices while supplying Ethernet connectivity to all of them, and its lockable doors provide secure storage. The UniStore Standard Cabinet comes with 5 shelves with the option of an electronic coded lock. Each shelf houses 4-5 mobile devices and doubles as a central storage location. This central storage solution allows for quick and easy visual assessment of missing devices and provides easy access to recharged mobile devices.

An optional insert section can be easily added to double the capacity of each shelf of the UniStore cabinet. This gives the potential to house 50 devices in the cabinet, allowing for an expansion in the number of mobile devices within the single location, saving both space and cost.

The unit's strong steel construction in a smart and durable black powder coat finish provides an attractive, robust storage solution. The UniStore can also be assembled on-site for ease of transportation and storage.

From one convenient location and powered from a single standard wall socket you can store your mobile devices and printers, thus removing the problems associated with housing and charging a large number of devices.

Connectivity with Your Mobile Devices

  • Ethernet connection as standard within each shelf – Dual Ethernet ports built in for redundancy in LAN-based communications
  • Cabinets can also be fitted with a wireless access point
  • Charge up to 50 devices (5-shelf full height with the secondary shelf option installed) for quick and easy visual assessment of missing units and easy access to recharged mobile devices
  • Lockable doors with clear shatter proof PETG panels
  • Design includes a discreet fan providing positive airflow for cooling and venting, promoting long life of your devices
  • Convenient flat pack design with strong, power-coated steel construction – Available to order in any color subject to minimum order quantities

For further information and technical specification download the UniStore Cabinets Brochure.



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