Device Management Software

Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center – Brochure (.pdf)

  • Avalanche Mobility Center (MC) provides comprehensive management of each element of a wireless system, provisioning and maintaining all major brands of handheld mobile computers, wireless infrastructure devices and peripheral items such as printers and barcode scanners.

CE Secure – Brochure (.pdf)

  • Wavelink Avalanche CE Secure is a plug-in to Wavelink Avalanche that provides advanced user authentication and security on Windows CE mobile devices. With Avalanche CE Secure, administrators can reduce the risk that a lost or stolen mobile device will be used to compromise an organization's critical systems and data. Avalanche CE Secure also provides easy-to-use administrative features and a fully configurable device-side user interface.

Remote Control – Brochure (.pdf)

  • With the Avalanche Remote Control plug-in, an administrator can now remotely diagnose and remedy both applications and device settings, or simply provide assisted guidance for an end-user. Avalanche Remote Control provides administrators with the capability to command both stylus and keyboard actions while receiving real-time views of the target device display.

Wavelink Mobile Manager – Brochure (.pdf)

  • Wavelink Mobile Manager Enterprise is proven software for centralized management of the wireless LAN lifecycle. It enhances the reliability and security of your network and the devices and applications it supports. Mobile Manager Enterprise can even detect and fix problems on local or remote networks before your phone starts ringing.

Wavelink Emulators

  • Wavelink Emulation software provides the most comprehensive solution for accessing and managing connections to applications resident on host systems using 5250, 3270, VT and HP emulation. Wavelink Emulators enhance the productivity of your mobile workforce and IT staff, and the applications and devices they use.

Wavelink Studio

  • Wavelink Studio is the industry's most robust solution for the development of commercial-grade wireless applications. Wavelink Studio radically reduces the time to develop, deploy and manage wireless applications for supply chain management, inventory control, warehouse management, retail operations, delivery, field service and other industrial applications using ruggedized wireless devices.



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